Dog Grooming

Towne House Grooming is a top notch grooming salon and pet supply store. We only use the
best available professional grooming equipment, which allows our groomers to style
your pet in a professional and timely fashion.

We offer expert grooming for all breeds, from puppy cuts to breed-specific styling and hand stripping.
Your pet's needs come first! Each grooming experience is individualized for your pet. All of
our groomers employ tender care and patience when grooming your loved ones.

Mini Grooms include a bath, brush out, nails trimmed, ears cleaned, sanitary clip, rounded feet, and the area around the eyes trimmed.

Full Grooms include a bath, brush out, nails trimmed, ears cleaned, sanitary clip, and a haircut.

Small Breeds $115-125 $95-120
Medium Breeds $125-145 $105-130
Large Breeds $145-175 $135-165
Extra Large Breeds $175+ $175+
Handstrip for broken coated breeds (small)   $250+

* Excessive scissoring, handling and dematting are subject to additional charges. This is to serve as a guide only and is not to be considered a set price. Prices are subject to change without notice.


Cat Grooming

At Towne House we take special pride in our cat grooming. After all, we do have our own “cat lady,” Elly! We treat every cat with the care and tenderness he or she deserves. Although cats are excellent groomers themselves, sometimes they need a helping hand and we at Towne House we are happy to provide it.

Basic $140
Lion cuts or shave downs with bath $175 - 185
Lion cuts or shave downs without bath $140- 150

Extra fees may be $15 to $50 depending on matting or degree of difficulty

Additional services offered with grooming.
Teeth clening, Anal Gland Expression $5-10
Coat buttering $8
Nose and pad moisturizing $8

Anal expression is done only on request.

Walk in services
Nail clipping $20
Filing nails $20
Anal gland expression $20
Scoop hair out of eyes $15